Saturday, May 2, 2015

Throne Of Glass Kicked My Ass

I read Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas and then I blacked out.

There was simply too much awesomeness. I started feeling woozy around the 47th chapter, and by the time I read the last word of the story I was overwhelmed. The last thing I remember was feelings of ultra-happiness, then a brilliant blue light...and then everything went black. I awoke on the floor with Throne of Glass held closely to my heart, and sucking my thumb.

If I ever meet Sarah I'm going to demand that she hold me like a baby and tell me all the secrets about this new world that I've discovered. I want to live in Erilea. I want to see how tough Chaol really is. I want to see how smooth Dorian really is with the ladies (not that I want to learn anything from him...I's for a friend). I want to see the glass palace and use Windex on every last inch of it because clean, sparkling glass makes me feel clean and sparkling, too. I want to run through the secret passages of the palace in my underwear because they're SECRET PASSAGES and that's the only place you can do that (legally).

And I want to see Celaena. I want her to hold me like a baby, too. I want to hear stories and stories and stories about her life. I want to tell her about my plans to get her face tattooed on my arm, and how when the bullies try to take my Chipotle money I'll just point to the tattoo and they'll run away in terror.

How can she be so awesome?! There are so many things that I love about this character. She's kick-ass unstoppable, she's hilarious, she's courageous, she reads a lot (bonus points), yet she remains relatable and real with her painful past and her relationship drama (the poor thing...caught between the Captain of the Guard and the Crown Prince!). As I read the next books in the series I truly hope that she gets better and better. I've loved characters before, and then the next book in the series came out and I was like, "I'm breaking up with you."

I'm going to make my 12-year-old daughter read this book. I'll be like, "Be confident and courageous and true, just like Celaena. But don't kill people. Okay? No killing."

The fantasy elements in this story are original and brilliant and there's a refreshing balance between reality and fantasy. Also, I love Love LOve LOVe LOVE how so many fantasy elements of the story/world were introduced and hinted at, but not fully developed yet. This is SO HARD to do! I was fully satisfied, but still wanting more! I didn't get to the end of the story and find myself confused or angry that I didn't know more about the magic or Elana or the Wyrdmarks or who Celaena really is, instead, I was planning out when I would rush to the bookstore to buy Crown of Midnight.

Sarah, thank you.

I became hooked on YA a few years back when I read The Hunger Games, but as time went on and as contemporary stories became all the rage, I started losing interest in reading. Throne of Glass is bringing me back and I'm so happy about that.