Sunday, January 5, 2014

Is Eleanor a Zombie?

I read Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell...and nothing happened.

I was like, "Oh, it's done."

Then I thought about all the face eating references and sort of wished that Eleanor really did eat Park's face because she was a red headed zombie! THAT would have been awesome.

So, basically, two teenagers fall in love and then one moves away.


Eleanor and Park remind me of like...everyone ever. They're teenagers becoming adults. They have family stuff going on. School stuff going on. Life is happening.

Nothing else happens.

No, seriously. Nothing else happens. It's just two teenagers saying the same kind of lovey stuff about each other for the entire book. There's no actual story there. There's no reason to keep reading. Wondering if Eleanor and Park will end up together isn't a powerful enough driver.

I liked the characters (especially Park and his Dad) and Rainbow's writing is easy to read, but this story just didn't have enough...story.

I have a sneaking suspicion that certain reviews got the motor revved up for this one and sort of set the tone.

Or, it could just be that there is something amazing here and I just don't get it. It wouldn't be the first time.

Regardless, Eleanor & Park was a huge disappointment for me. It was boring. There wasn't any humor. The "love story" played out like a 1980's record on a skipping record player. Same kinds of words over and over and over. Then, the end.

I give Eleanor & Park  3 out of 7 Red Headed Zombies.


  1. Hm. We think maybe you just didn't get it -- which isn't a flaw, but rather a lack of clicking. We definitely didn't fall victim to any sort of hype machine with this one; Rainbow Rowell just speaks our language.

  2. seeing the title, I thought you reviewed Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard ( because it's about zombie and the main character is Eleanor lol.

  3. Hi! I'm a new to your blog :) Your review made me laugh. I liked the book a lot but I understand what you are saying, too. I think it was more of an emotional journey than a plot driven one? And I'm half Korean so I appreciated reading about a main character who was one, too. Still, a lot of people raved over this one but I didn't love it as much as her other that I read first, Attatchments. Happy New Year!

  4. Oh man! What's your deal, dawwwg? Why all the doom and gloom?? I just read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and freaking loved it! I think you'd like that one-- read it because I need to know. If you hate then I will feel very confident when I go to read e&p. :)

  5. HAHA Eleanor SHOULD be a zombie.

    I don't ususally read THESE kinds of books but I read E&P and I really loved it BUT I totally think it was because their relationship (and Eleanor's terrible home life) reminded me of my childhood and that made me have all kinds of feels. I think my experience was heightened because I felt I could relate to the characters and also it was so different from what I usually read so it made me put it on a different sort of pedestal. Know what I meannnn?!

    Anywho, love this review so hard. Also, you rock.

  6. Dude! I totally agree! I went into it thinking that with all the buzz around it it had to be on par with John Green's "Looking For Alaska" or something. But no. I totally feel the EXACT SAME that you do. I know people who were like, "This book is perfection." My response to those kinds of statements has been a surprised "really?"

    I'm so glad that you feel the same way. Not impressed. At all. And that's okay.

  7. I bought this because of the hype, but haven't gotten more than a few chapters in. It simply does not hold my attention at all.

  8. Yess!! I felt it to be so boring!!!! I don't even know why I kept reading it. I fell asleep reading it. Glad to know I wasn't the only black sheep with this one

  9. Yep. I felt the same way and then I thought, oh maybe I'm just not smart enough to get it. All the cool nerd types get it and I am a wannabe cool-nerd type. But I really was MAD when I got to the end.