Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Silver Pickle

Ok, fine. The book isn't called The Silver Pickle, it's called The Silver Tickle.

What? Fine...

The Silver Sickle. It's called The Silver Sickle. Promise.

I read the The Silver Sickle by Ellie "Hotsie" Ann and thought three things (which overwhelmed me because I can only think about one thing at a time):

1. I love this book for so many reasons, but the big one for me was that it has two characters who are in love and can't get to each other and all I want is for them to get to each other. This drove my reading because I wasn't SURE that they would get to each other. I thought they would. I hoped they would, but I wasn't sure. Well done, "Hotsie" Anne. Well done. (Side note - Does anyone truly like their steak well done? That's crazy, yo.)

2. I like the villain. As in, if the villain would have succeeded I would have felt bad for humanity, but not too bad. I actually cared for her and her family. This is such a tricky thing to do for writers, but Ellie Ann wrote it to perfection. I kept thinking, "I shouldn't care about her and her mission. I should hate her." But then I was like, "Yeah but she has a family, too. She has a right to kill all of humanity so her alien babies can have a place to grow up. ALIEN BABIES HAVE FEELINGS, TOO!!!"

3. It's worth buying The Silver Sickle just to get the picture of Ellie on the back cover. Whaaaaaaat?

I love that this book is published by StoneHouse Ink, a small indie publisher. It's as good, if not better, as any book I've read. It's a great example of how small indie publishers can put out quality books and not cut corners to save a dime. This book looks, smells, and tastes like a book published by one of the biggies. But I don't recommend tasting it. I'm still hacking up bits of paper and I paper cut my tongue.

This read was very different for me. Aliens, weird metal dudes, new words, a harem belonging to a king with a secret (wink wink), a cool laser gun, and a world that I have never been too! It's so exciting to go to new places and not the same regurgitated places with new names and new minor details!!

I loved that this story was different, ya know? I wasn't able to predict anything, and I wasn't bored for even one page. I was literally getting up early in the morning to have a little extra time before milking the cows, goats, and ladybugs to read. I was sincerely interested in knowing what was going to happen in this story!

THAT is the sign of a good book. Yes?


I now like alien books.

I will read whatever "Hotsie" Anne writes. Check her out here.

And this is now going on my wall next to the life size picture of Veronica Rossi...

I give The Silver Sickle 4 out of 5 Silver Pickles.