Sunday, July 21, 2013


Numbers don't mean anything.

...ok, yes they do.

This blog recently passed the 20,000 views mark. I have no idea if that's fast, slow, good or bad. I'm not comparing the blog to other blogs, I'm just comparing it to my own expectations. And 20,000 views is a lot higher than what I expected at this point.

I'm happy about this. Especially since the last few months have been...umm, difficult.

See, I'm a single dad (long story) of three FREAKING WILD kids. I'm outnumbered, outgunned and I'm a sucker for watching Harry Potter with my Red-Haired, Freckle Faced 10-year-old daughter and her blue there goes my only available 2 hours of free time every day.

If I had the time, I'd read a book every two days and review it on this blog. It's fun to me. I like interacting with all of you because you make me laugh, and I love the stories that are YA lit. Maybe it's because I'm immature, or maybe it's because I lived and worked with all those teenagers for so many years. I don't know.

I basically just wanted to say "thanks" to all of you who have supported a REAL MAN reading and reviewing YA Lit. I think the world is missing out by passing over these amazing stories.

I have a manuscript out floating around in the world of agents. No takers yet, but quite a few requests. I hope someone picks it up. If you laugh at this blog, I promise you will laugh at my book. It's some funny shit, yo. Time will tell.

In the meantime, I'm outlining and have started to write a not-so-funny story about a very serious issue. I look forward to making people feel uncomfortable about something they know is happening but choose to ignore (I'm not talking about any of you, I'm talking about them). Don't get me started...

Ok, peeps, I'm out.

Thanks for your support! I have a couple of books sitting here that I need to finish so I can review. And, I have about  10000000000000000000 books on my list, so the reviews will keep coming.

Stay at it and don't quit. Keep reading and writing. You should get up at 4 a.m. like I do so I have someone to say hi to on Twitter before I start writing/reading. :)

Thanks to my good friend and critique partner Jolene Haley for all her support. She's the best muggle, ever.

Jessica Alba and Veronica Rossi are still hot (I just feel the need to declare that to the world).

Also, for those of you who "get me," I'm on a five day Chipotle streak.

There are no signs of this streak ending.

Monday, July 1, 2013

I read The Selection by Kiera Cass, then I questioned life.

Every Friday, I take my kids out to eat to a local sandwich shop. They look forward to it all week. They think we go there because it's SO GOOD, but the real reason for going there is because it's a few steps away from BAM (Books-a-Million).

We eat, then we go to BAM. The kids run around, play hide-and-seek, fight with light sabers, try on the Sorting Hat, beg for Minecraft stuff, and sometimes they even look at books. I don't really care what they do, as long I can have a few minutes of "alone time" in the YA section.

In the early days of reading YA, I was nervous to be in that section with all the teenage girls eyeing me suspiciously, but now it ain't no thang, yo.

I still don't talk to anyone. I can't bring myself to be the creepy dude that talks to teenage girls in "their" section of the store. Every time I'm there I see a young lady reading the back cover of a book I've read and I want to say, "I read that!" But I don't. Oh, well.

So the other day I went to buy a particular book two that had just come out, but it wasn't there. So I scanned the shelves, and with all the recommendations I had swirling in my brain, I picked The Selection. It had been recommended to me by a particular young lady on Twitter that I really like. She has a great blog, she's super intelligent, and she's from Wisconsin!

Now that I've read the book...I'm going to have words with her.

The cover of The Selection is kinda nice. I don't like covers with actual pictures of humans on them, but this one works. It is, though, extremely girly. No worries. I'm man enough to buy it, yo.

This story did NOT work out for me. I could go on and on about how boring it was, but there was something else that threw me...something I honestly hadn't experienced in reading YA up to this point.

I hated the main character.

She was such a...UGH!

So you know the story, right? It's like a weird teenage version of The Bachelor, and the prize is getting to marry the prince.

America, the main character I dislike so much, had her issues with the contest. She obviously didn't agree with the prince finding a wife this way, but you know...she entered anyways. THEN, when she meets the super nice, super cool, super understanding prince, she treats him like crap. THEN, he let's it all go and wants to be friends with her. THEN she's still a jerk.

I don't know, ya'll. Even if America had been interesting, there still wasn't much happening. I was mostly just glad to get it over with.

In all fairness to the author, the writing was very good. This is the type of book that I can say just "isn't for me." I know a lot of peeps like it, and that's cool. We all like different stuff for different reasons. I wish continued success to the author and to the series!

I give The Selection 2 out of 5 UGH!!!!s