Friday, February 22, 2013

Top 5 Manly Disney Cartoon Characters

5. Buzz Lightyear

He's daring. He's courageous. And what do ladies like more than a confident man?

4. Tarzan

He's manly enough to wear a jungle speedo, and sensitive enough to hold a butterfly.

3. Mr. Incredible

What lady doesn't like a big man in spandex? And, he's a freakin' superhero!

2. Kronk

He's a woman's dream man. He's full of muscles. He's great with kids. He's a whiz in the kitchen. He'll do whatever you tell him to do without question.

1. Marlin

Everything in the ocean scares the fish shit outta him.

But when his son needs him, he faces his fears.
He finds courage deep inside his smelly fish scales.

This is a Real Man. 
He's unselfish. He's courageous.
He risks his life for his son.
He's motivated by love.
Impressing others with his manliness is the last thing on his mind. 
His priorities are in the correct order.
He's man enough to make the changes in his life that are needed to be a great dad.
This is a Real Man. 


  1. I love Marlin!!! Finding Nemo is one of the best!
    Also, great picks for Buzz & Mr. Incredible :)

  2. Love Mr. Incredible! Marlin was an awesome choice too. :)

  3. Excellent, I knew I could count on you!!

    You win points with your addition of Marlin, for sure but my friend, you had me at Kronk. I love a man in an apron!

  4. Sure, Marlin's a real man...

    but does he read YA ;)

    ~Anonymous Person of People (with a recognizable avatar) >.>

  5. I feel so spoiled this week because I've seen so many Disney posts on book blogs! I also write a Disney blog and we just did a series about compatible couples in Disney history...

    I love that you include so many Pixar characters in here. I feel like that really means something! Thanks for making my night!

  6. I love how Disney was able to use a clown fish for such a strong role!
    And I love Mr. Incredible too - superheroes are not perfect, they're just like everyone else!
    And Buzz!!! Everyone needs a best friend like him! And he can dance too ;)
    Great picks!!!

  7. i love that you don't have any princes up there. great list, just "real" men--good job ~daphne

  8. Kronk is the best. Every girl wants a man who can cook. ;)

  9. YES! Marlin. Those pictures make me want to switch off the Brooklyn Nets game the boyfriend is watching and put in Finding Nemo instead.

  10. Yes, Marlin. I have to agree with the masses. He is indeed a manly little fish.

  11. This is a fantastic list, although, I am sort of partial to Kronk, myself. He may not be the brightest crayon in the box but he sees the potential good in everyone, even Izma (which says a lot).

  12. No Gaston? No one is manlier than Gaston!