Friday, January 25, 2013

That's not a tear! I have something in my eye.

Congratulations, Daisy Whitney, you made my eyes sweat.  Twice.

Ok, it wasn't sweat.  It was probably an issue with my contacts.

Ok, I don't wear contacts.  It was probably just my eyes urinating.

Ok, eyes don't urinate.  It was probably just water from the shower.

Ok, I don't bathe.  It was probably just...oh, hell.  Fine.  You made my eyes water with human tears that came out of my head.

Thanks to you and your book When You Were Here.

I love this book.  It moves a little slower than I'm used to, but given the story line I'm perfectly fine with that.  There were a few moments in the middle of the story that my mind began to wander...what should I have for dinner?...

Then Daisy Whitney smashed my face with a hammer.  Totally blindsided me. Slapped me across the face with a big wet cow tongue.  Grabbed me by the hair, lifted me off the ground, and said, "KABOOM."

I hate spoilers, so I don't want to say anything.  This book contains what I refer to as a "bomb scene."  It's not a twist and it's much more than a surprise.  It's one of those scenes that grips you so hard you feel like it's happening to you.  It explodes inside of you.

I give When You Were Here and easy 4 out of 5 hot wings (hot wings make me tear up), and I'd even throw in some ranch dressing and a Coke.

The writing is smooth perfection.  The characters are great.

Most of the story takes place in Japan.  It's done so well that picturing the setting was effortless.

Why Guys Should Read This Book

Daisy Whitney does an excellent job of writing from a young man's point of view. This young man suffers loss after loss after loss and has to not only deal with life, but with his own emotions.  In my opinion, guys suck at this.  We're generally afraid of letting anyone see us cry, or feel frustrated, or whatever might be perceived as weakness.  Instead, we hold it all in to save face, then explode at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons.  This is unhealthy.  For everyone.

This book does an excellent job showing a young man deal with his emotions in a very real, yet very successful way.  I applaud Daisy Whitney for this.

And if that's not enough for guys to read this...

There's some serious boner scenes, too.


  1. 4 out of 5 hot wings?? I really want to read this book now!

    Don't forget, it's okay for real men to's all those manly feels.

  2. I hadn't heard of this one yet, but after reading your review I ran to goodreads and added it. It sounds so unique. I haven't read anything set in Japan and I haven't read many sucessful male point of view books either. Have you read Anna Dressed in Blood? That kind of turned me off to male POV books because it didn't seem very realistic to how a guy would think. Anyways, great review as always!

  3. This has been on my list for a long time! I cannot wait for it to be released! Great rating and... reasoning :)

  4. Please read Timeless by Alexandra Monir.
    It'll make you cry manly tears and not be ashamed about it. Although I consider all tears equal.